When you work with us in psychotherapy, here’s what you can always expect:


Prior to booking an appointment, we are available for a brief phone call to answer any questions you may have about the therapy process and determine if working together is a good fit.

Once we schedule an initial consultation, we will meet and discuss your hopes for therapy and the focus of our work together. In our following session, we will discuss your relationship and sexual wellness histories to complete our assessment and determine a treatment plan customized for you. Next, we will share our clinical impressions with you and collaborate on your treatment goals. From there, we will work toward your goals using evidenced-based techniques, including cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness skills. As our work progresses, we will check in with you and adjust treatment goals based upon your needs at that time.

Our Integrative Approach

We are an integrative therapy practice and consider your healthcare providers (psychiatrists, therapists, general practitioners, urologists, gynecologists, pelvic floor physical therapists, etc.)  to be valuable members of the treatment team. We are happy to collaborate with your existing healthcare providers to give you the best care possible. Please let us know if you have an existing healthcare provider you’d like us to consult with. We are also able to refer you to other qualified professionals should a concern emerge that is beyond the scope of our practice.