Calling All Postpartum Parents: This Workshop is for YOU!

When it comes to postpartum life, we are often left alone in the dark and confused about sex. And, if we are not well prepared for the physiological and emotional changes we may experience during pregnancy, delivery, and in postpartum life, then of course we are going to feel uneasy and anxious. When it comes to sex, postpartum parents may find themselves wondering: Will sex ever feel like it used to (before becoming a parent)? Will I ever want to be touched again? What can I do if my sexual desire has drastically changed and my partner’s has stayed the same?

These questions are the real deal and so is sexual health during postpartum life. In efforts to make the experience less daunting, Embrace Sexual Wellness and The Haven Group have joined together to design a workshop to address these very concerns on sexual intimacy during postpartum life. We are here to answer your burning questions and provide tools to help you stay intimately connected during this transition to parenthood.

Consider joining us on May 9th for a conversation on keeping the flame alive during postpartum life!

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